Fiduciary Accounting Services for Attorneys

fiduciary accounting services

Accurate accountings are essential to the proper management of a trust or estate but as an attorney, numbers are not your expertise. Trying to keep up with the fiduciary accounting for your clients is probably not practical or even possible without outsourcing to a CPA. If you’re working with a client who is the executor of an estate, responsible for administering a trust, or acting as a guardian, Hildreth & Associates CPA can handle the fiduciary accountings. We’ll operate behind the scenes with the estate planning process or as a key member of your estate and trust team.

We're available if you encounter a complex estate situation that requires expert tax planning and estate planning strategies. From calculating distributions for beneficiaries to estate tax return preparation, attorneys in Tennessee rely on us to manage the financial side of trusts and estates for their clients. With our guidance and support, we'll help you ensure your client is well protected.

To learn more about how you can outsource your fiduciary accounting needs to us, call 408-371-0711 or request a consultation online now.

Fiduciary accounting services :