Estate Tax Services for Attorneys

estate and trust for attorneys

As an attorney, you probably don’t have the desire to prepare estate tax returns for your clients or the skills to do the tax planning. Your time is better spent elsewhere and a CPA is much more suited to the task, so turn to Hildreth & Associates CPA for estate and trust tax services. We understand how difficult it can be to work through the tax issues that arise with trusts and estates and we have solutions for your clients. When you refer clients to us, we'll help them reduce tax exposure, maintain compliance, and avoid penalties.

For law firms that don't have a full-time estate and trust staff, outsourcing the tax work to our Nashville CPA firm is an economical alternative for your clients. Each client will receive personalized support for estate and trust tax planning, gift tax services, and tax return preparation.

Find out how we can handle all the tax planning and preparation for your estate and trust clients. Call 408-371-0711 now or request a free consultation online to learn more.

Trust and estate tax services for attorneys include:

  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Estate and trust tax compliance
  • Estate tax return preparation
  • Trust and gift tax return preparation
  • Gift planning and charitable giving
  • Help selecting appropriate assets to transfer to a trust